DHL Provided A-Sashi Supplier Details To Nestlé

A-Sashi Story
Aldo D’Agostino
Former Head of Sales Oceania at DHL

In March 2013, Aldo D’Agostino arranged for DHL Miami to commence bulk-shipping A-Sashi products from the A-Sashi co-manufacturer Arnet in Florida USA to a fulfilment facility in Melbourne Australia. Mr D’Agostino also provided Nestlé, former General Manager of PowerBar + Musashi, Owen Nelson, with information about the A-Sashi supplier Arnet together with shipping details.

In early 2015, DHL became aware Mr D’Agostino was named in Court documents for misconduct and after 10 years with DHL he was dismissed from the company.

In July 2015, Mr D’Agostino became employed at BagTrans as an Account Manager but was dismissed a year later in July 2016. He went onto work at Toll Group but in early 2021 was again dismissed.

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