A-Sashi Story
James Christian
Principal, A-Sashi

In January 2013, James Christian (Christian) launched A-Sashi Vitamins (A-Sashi) in the USA as an online business selling a range of A-Sashi branded products. Christian searched globally for a contract manufacturer with capabilities suitable for making a range of specific purpose vitamins & nutritional supplements before providing specifications for the A-Sashi range to Arnet Pharmaceutical (Arnet), a manufacturer with 40+ years of experience and state of the art facility located in Florida USA.

Christian pre-paid Arnet for stock to be produced and delivered to a Shipwire fulfilment facility located in Philadelphia where individual customer orders were packed & shipped. A-Sashi was launched in the USA with advertising via Google Adwords, Facebook, Celiac.com, CBSSports.com, MindBodyGreen.com, San Francisco Weekly, Phillie Weekly, New York Village Voice, Los Angeles Weekly and the Chicago Reader.

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